Tire rotation (also known as wheel/tire balancing) is completely different from an alignment. Wheel alignment is the process of straightening out your front wheels, matching the back, to ensure optimal performance and tire longevity. Changes in your alignment can happen when you hit curbs or potholes, and overtime can affect your vehicle's performance. Tire rotation, however, is when a technician moves your tires from one position to another, creating even all around wear. For this reason, tire rotations should and can be performed more frequently. These two processes are different, but work toward a similar goal. As you drive, the rubber on your tires will wear off, causing some imbalance. For a longer lifespan for your tires, bring your vehicle into Olympia Auto Repair to be maintenanced today.

    Signs your vehicle needs a tire alignment or rotation:
  • Uneven tread or air pressure on the tires
  • Vibration of the steering wheel
  • Your vehicles ‘pulling’ or swaying to one side

Most drivers are the first to notice when their vehicle is acting unusual. Since the front tires bear most of the weight from the engine, problems and be felts pretty quickly. Usually swaying happens at lower speeds while shaking is apparent at higher speeds. Being vigilant and observant with your vehicle is necessary for your safety and the longevity of your vehicle. For alignments and tire rotations, our technicians at Olympia Auto Repair are knowledgeable and ready to get the job done.