Engine Maintenance

When it comes to your vehicle the engine is one of the most if not the most vital parts. The longevity of the engine comes down to one thing - maintenance.

While most automotive parts have many differences with longevity, depending on material and wear among other things, engines can last a very long time if maintained. One of the most important aspects of maintaining your engine is changing the fluids, as to keep them fresh and clean. Along with the oil in your engine, dirt builds up and affects the performance and lifespan of your engine. Routine oil changes can prevent that. Come into Olympia Auto Repair today to have your oil changed.

Another crucial aspect to the life of your engine is the air being filtered in and out of it. Making sure your air filter is clean will ensure that your engine is able to breathe, clean and free, extending the longevity and performance of your vehicle. To have your air filter checked and replaced, trust your vehicle with the experts at Olympia Auto Repair.

Listening to your vehicle and your engine, being intuitive with the state of your vehicle, and coming in for routine maintenance is the perfect way to get the most out of the engine in your vehicle. Watch for lights and noises, and if you’re having concerns, come into Olympia Auto Repair and see one of our technicians to be sure.

Timing Belt and Drive Belts

Timing belts make sure the valves worked by your engine’s camshaft open and close with the pistons. Making sure your timing belt is not broken or damaged is crucial to the safety of your vehicle. If your timing belt were to snap, it would damage your engine as a whole. A timing belt should be replaced in event at intervals recommended by the manufacturer; come see us at Olympia Auto Repair to find out how your timing belt is doing.

Drive belts are connected to your engine and run the alternator, the air-con compressor, and any other accessories your vehicle's engine may have. Some vehicles only have one drive belt, where as some have many. In any regard, they become worn over time, and if broken may disable your engine. At Olympia Auto Repair we have the knowledge to handle your drive belt needs.

Overheating and the Cooling System

Keeping your vehicle at the right temperature can seem difficult because the fuel that is burned inside your engine generates lots of heat, however that is what the cooling system is for. When the cooling system malfunctions, your engine can overheat. This can lead to many other costly and time consuming needs. For this reason you should be regularly checking the coolant levels in your engine as your manufacturer's manual should describe. If you’re having and problems your coolant levels or cooling system, bring your vehicle to Olympia Auto Repair today.