Import and Domestic Cars and Truck Repair


At Olympia Auto Repair Center we offer complete auto repair and preventative maintenance in the specialization of import and foreign vehicle repairs. We are prepared to service your car whether it be a Toyota or a Porsche or Mercedes, and everything in between. Most foreign cars have specific parts and placements that need expert care and knowledge to service and repair them. The blurred line between comes into play when domestic and foreign cars are containing upwards of 4,000 parts, many components such as transmissions, are sourced from abroad. When your vehicle and it’s parts have been made overseas, repairs can be costly and difficult. At Olympia Auto Repair, we understand that, and have our experienced technicians give you the best deal we can while giving outstanding service and providing tailored maintenance to your imported vehicle.


Domestic vehicles, such as General Motors and Chryster, we also have great experience with. While domestic vehicles are manufactured partly in the U.S., some parts are outsourced and some vehicles included. Despite this, it is still simple to get parts to repair whatever is necessary. Domestic vehicles are reliable but do require routine factory scheduled maintenance like any vehicle. We specialize in repairs and maintenance for domestic vehicles, so stop into Olympia Auto Care today for all your domestic car and truck needs.