Brake replacement and Maintenance

At Olympia Auto Repair, we service your brakes based off of their condition. Technicians will inspect your brakes to determine what should be done. The brake system works by repressurizing and sending brake fluid to the cylinders at each wheel. There are two types of brake systems widely used – disc brakes or drum brakes.

Disc brakes are the most common type of brake system. In these systems you have a disc or rotor, a caliper and a pad, and when you the brake pedal is pressed the hydraulic fluid passes through the lines causing the caliper to press the pad against the rotor. Drum brakes use a similar system.

Drum brakes consist of a brake drum and brake shoes. When the brake pedal is pressed, a cylinder compressed brake shoes with brake linings against the inner surface of the brake drum, causing friction and therefore the vehicle to slow.

This is why it is important to have your brakes looked at if you’re hearing and squeaking or feeling any sliding.

With either of these brake systems, knowing how to drive wisely can extend the life of your brakes. Avoiding slamming down on the brakes, allowing them time to work is one method of preserving your brakes. Planning ahead and giving yourself at least three seconds of braking before the necessary stop is very effective in prolonging your brakes longevity.

Bringing your brakes in for replacement should be done if you’re hearing abnormal sounds or experiencing unusual stops, but also brakes should be inspected with regular tire rotations. At Olympia Auto Repair, we are here to maintenance you brakes and wheels anytime, including the once or twice a year most manufacturers' recommend.