Electrical Services by Olympia Auto Repair

There are many electrical components to your vehicle that work together to keep your car running. The battery, the starter, and the rest of the electrical system is an absolutely essential component of a vehicle. The battery is responsible for creating an electrical current to the vehicle before it has started, like the fuel and ignition systems, which start the vehicle. The starter uses a small amount of power from the battery to rotate the flywheel, turning the crankshaft, and moving the pistons. When the vehicle is running, the alternator takes over. The alternator being what is keeping the battery charged and the electrical system working.

    Common electrical issues
  • Some issues include problems with the battery or the battery cables. The battery cables are responsible for transferring the current from the battery to the electrical components in the vehicle. Most vehicles have a battery light that will come on if there are any issues. At Olympia Auto Repair, we are experienced in battery issues.
  • Issues with a malfunctioning alternator can cause total failure of your vehicle as well. If the alternator is not producing enough voltage, it cannot maintain keeping the battery charged. The voltage regulator is connected to the alternator, and if this component isn’t functioning properly the alternator will not send the correct voltage to the battery. Dim lights and a grinding or whirring noise can be symptoms of a failing alternator. If your having any of these signs, come into Olympia Auto Repair to have your alternator inspected.
  • Burnt out fuses and fusible links can also cause electrical issues in your vehicle. If there is one specific accessory is not functioning, like the radio or power windows a blown fuse could be to blame. Fusible links are a high-capacity connector, which protect accessories that are wired directly to the battery. When this happens, other electrical aspects of your vehicle can malfunction or go haywire.
Electrical services are complex, and there is no better repair shop to trust these repairs with than Olympia Auto Repair.